Our Support Email is Down

Let's be honest, it's been down for a long time. But now it is literally down.

Someone at the old K&H decided to ignore the emails saying the credit card on file was about to expire. So the subscription lapsed... Today.... Right after we sent out The New Kendal & Hyde update.


We've been working with ZenDesk all day trying to get it reinstated. Someone in their finance department has to reinstate it. It isn't something their support can do. But it still hasn't been done. And since we're guessing the finance guys don't work over the weekend like...

The New Kendal & Hyde

We want to deliver products that will last a lifetime. However, it shouldn’t take us a lifetime to deliver them.

Over the past year, we have failed to keep up with demand. We received more orders than we could handle. As a result, many of you waited - or are still waiting - far too long to receive your orders. That is unacceptable. There is no excuse and we deeply apologize. Major changes need to be made. That starts today.

Today we are a new Kendal & Hyde.

We have completely replaced our entire business infrastructure, from supply chain to...

Production Update - August 2016

Last week, I posted an update on Kickstarter that we were expecting leather to arrive at the factory. It has arrived, and production will begin this week.

It will take a day or so to sort and inspect and get everything set up, and then we will begin training the production line. When training is completed, the large scale production starts. Depending on the volume of completed bags, we will send a freight shipment each week or every other week to the fulfillment warehouse. The freight shipment takes one to two weeks, and it takes the warehouse a day or two...

Production Update - June 2016

Last week we had an update typed up and ready to go, that we were expecting delivery of the leather, but we hesitated to send it out without confirmation from the tannery.

It took a few days to get a response to our requests for confirmation - never a good sign. Then we got all types of answers. Two more weeks, three, four, and finally seven to nine weeks. That is how long the entire process takes, starting with a live cow.

The more we pushed for an explanation the more double talk we got. It looks like they took a bigger...

Classic Attaché Update May 16, 2016

I just got back from a trip to the tannery, and I wanted to let you know where we are with production of your Classic Attaché. We began to redevelop the leather before this project began, and the process has taken longer than I had originally anticipated. The good news is, the leather has been approved, and we are moving forward with production.

We also ran a sample run to test the accuracy of all eight patterns on a CNC machine before making dies. Despite all the promises of the manufacturer for speed and less leather waste, the final product...