Classic Attaché Update May 16, 2016

I just got back from a trip to the tannery, and I wanted to let you know where we are with production of your Classic Attaché. We began to redevelop the leather before this project began, and the process has taken longer than I had originally anticipated. The good news is, the leather has been approved, and we are moving forward with production.

We also ran a sample run to test the accuracy of all eight patterns on a CNC machine before making dies. Despite all the promises of the manufacturer for speed and less leather waste, the final product was inferior to ones cut with dies. My hope was to shorten the production time using the CNC, but I feel that saving a few days is not worth compromising on the finished product.

The original timeline had shipping beginning in late April. I don't have confirmed delivery dates from the tannery yet, but anticipate the leather will arrive towards the end of May. We expect to begin shipping web orders as they are completed towards the end of June.

Some colors take longer to tan than others, so it is likely we will be receiving some colors earlier than others. We will start making bags as soon as leather arrives, so whichever color comes first will be made first. We will begin shipping weekly as bags are completed.

Once we get an update from the tannery on when the leather will be delivered, I will send out a revised shipping timeline for completed bags. Please accept my apologies for the leather delays. We started over from scratch, and this leather is noticeably more rich and beautiful and will make very beautiful bags.



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