Production Update - June 2016

Last week we had an update typed up and ready to go, that we were expecting delivery of the leather, but we hesitated to send it out without confirmation from the tannery.

It took a few days to get a response to our requests for confirmation - never a good sign. Then we got all types of answers. Two more weeks, three, four, and finally seven to nine weeks. That is how long the entire process takes, starting with a live cow.

The more we pushed for an explanation the more double talk we got. It looks like they took a bigger order from another customer at the same time they were finalizing ours, took our deposit and then sold the hides we had reserved out from under us.

We are now in discussions with them to start sending us leather this month or lose the order—waiting any longer is not acceptable. Either way, we do have a back-up plan.

In early May, we instructed the factory manager to take the newly approved leather swatches from this tannery and give them to other tanneries to match. Normally, developing a new vegetable-tanned leather concept takes a few months, but we just received samples from a small tannery—months earlier than expected. The leather they brought was a spot on match. They are committing to delivery in just three to four weeks—which adds three or four more weeks to this timeline, but it's better than another seven to nine, like the original tannery is now saying.

This new tannery comes as a referral from someone who speaks highly of them and has had great experience with them, both for quality and for hitting deadlines. Regardless of how our original order with the original tannery plays out, the second tannery will have leather coming in by early July.

I will send out another update in a few weeks when one of these batches of leather is delivered and we are making bags. If you have questions about your order, please contact us at:



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