Satchel Update November 5, 2015

I just wanted to give a quick update to let you know where we are in our production of your new Classic Satchels. 

The weather has delayed some of our leather colors an additional week, but the long wait for the leather to tan is nearly over. We received Black and Natural colors early last week and were scheduled to receive the Mocha and Whiskey last Thursday. Cooler and more humid weather conditions from Hurricane Patricia have slowed down the process of tanning the remaining leather colors, or more specifically the drying of the tanned leather, before the final finishing. The Whiskey and Mocha are expected to be delivered this Friday. Whiskey and Mocha together account for 3/4 of our total leather, so it will be a significant amount of leather being delivered.

We were having some difficulty with the 12mm rivets originally ordered. They are too short to crimp properly on the sides of the Satchel where the shoulder strap attaches, because the rivet has to pass through six layers of leather. This was resulting is some of the rivets popping, so we special ordered 15mm rivets made early in September. They should arrive any day now.


We are still early in the process, and because this is the first production for the Classic Satchel, we are guessing on how long some items will take to make, once in full production.  As of now, our timeline to completion and first shipping is still a little nebulous. We base our per unit construction times on the time it takes us to make one unit as a preproduction sample, which is about 2 days in man hours for each bag. Fortunately, as production progresses, the time it takes to make each bag will speed up as efficiencies are learned. 

The current production schedule looks like bags will start shipping the week before Christmas and continue into January. One challenge we will have is balancing the simultaneous production of add-on accessories with the satchels, so as to not have bags waiting for an accessory to be produced and vice versa.

I will send some pictures of the production process in our next update towards the end of this month.




The New Classic Satchel

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