All in-stock orders placed before Dec. 18 will be delivered by Christmas

Whether you ordered today or many, many months ago, your in-stock items WILL SHIP before the UPS and USPS cut-off dates for packages to arrive before Christmas.

How do we know this will happen? Because we're flying to our fulfillment center in California tomorrow morning, renting a truck, packing up all of our inventory and driving it back to our offices in Utah so we can pack them up and ship them ourselves all weekend long. We will move heaven and earth to make sure you get your orders before Christmas.

The fulfillment center is a third-party logistics facility and needs to ship orders for lots of different companies this holiday season. They have their hands full and simply can't fulfill orders at the speed we need right now. They've been a good partner, but we need to do this ourselves to guarantee that these orders are shipped before the UPS and USPS cutoff dates. 

We experienced an extreme delay the last two months in shipping orders due to the change in management to the new Kendal & Hyde. We are now working around the clock to get over 1,000 outstanding orders shipped, backordered products made and delivered, and we are changing our backend business processes to make sure delays like this never happen again.

The only items that won't be shipped are the following backordered items we still don't have yet

PLEASE NOTE: For orders consisting of in-stock and backordered items, you will receive the in-stock items now and receive the backordered items separately when they are ready. We deeply apologize that these backordered products still aren’t ready. We are doing everything we can right now to get them made and in your hands.

Weekender Duffels
We are in the middle of shipping a large batch of Whiskey Weekender Duffels. Customers receiving those Duffels have been notified. Another large batch of Whiskey Duffels was supposed to arrive on Dec. 16, but now looks more like early January. Natural, Mocha and Black Duffels will be ready later in Q1 2017. If you would like to switch your order from one of those colors to a Whiskey Duffel to get your item earlier, please email with subject CHANGE DUFFEL TO WHISKEY.

The attaché is expected mid to late Q1 2017. This product has been fraught with delays and we are now working with new, more reliable suppliers to get these made and delivered. With that, the accessories meant for the attaché (narrow side pockets, wide side pockets, etc.) won't be ready until then as well. We are deeply sorry that this product has taken so long to produce. We're doing everything we can now to get them done ASAP.

Luggage Tags
Expected Q1 2017

Water Bottle (Holder and Stainless Steel Thermos)
Expected Q1 2017

Repair Kits
While not on backorder, we won’t have time to send any repair kits (rivets, buckles, etc.) until after we have shipped out all in-stock items for Christmas. Thank you for your patience and understanding with these.


Thank you for being so patient during the transition to the new Kendal & Hyde and throughout this past year. We know it has been difficult waiting so long for your orders and we are doing everything we can to turn Kendal & Hyde around and to make things right with our customers. That starts with getting you everything we have in stock and working night and day to get the backordered items made and delivered. We promise that we won’t rest until that happens.

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