Weekender Duffels to begin shipping this week

The Weekender Duffel has been one of Kendal & Hyde's most popular products - and also one of our most delayed. For many of you, the wait is almost over. We have just confirmed that a large batch of Whiskey Weekender Duffels will begin shipping at the end of this week. 

We will not have enough in this shipment to fulfill all orders, but this will make a significant step towards getting Weekender orders fulfilled. We have more in pipeline and have a roadmap in place to have all Weekenders completed ASAP - without sacrificing quality, of course.

We also realize that it might seem strange to celebrate delivering products that people have paid for. That is, after all, how normal businesses operate. We couldn't agree more. Kendal & Hyde has been drowning in orders for so long that it hasn't been able to operate like a normal business in a very long time. It had reached a complete standstill.

Our #1 priority with the new Kendal & Hyde has been to deliver all outstanding orders ASAP. This is because Kendal & Hyde can only get back to fulfilling orders like a normal business once this enormous backlog of orders has been taken care of. And believe us, it's enormous. 

We still have a lot of work ahead of us. Lots of orders to fulfill. Lots of emails to respond to. But we're working hard and are excited to continue this momentum.

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