Leather Treatment

How should I treat my Kendal & Hyde products?

We recommend that you treat your Goodyear Welted boots as you would standard leather shoes. You should start by cleaning them off with a damp rag and then use a soft, dry brush to polish.

All other Kendal & Hyde products are made from vegetable-tanned leather, which should also be conditioned. You'll just want to use a clean dry cloth to wipe the conditioner onto the leather and then remove any excess. Sunlight will aid in developing a nice patina on the vegetable-tanned leather.

What type of conditioner do you recommend?

We offer two of our very own leather care products. The Leather Liquor and Leather Cream are available in two scents -- Honeycomb and Leather. Both products feature the same ingredients, however the Leather Liquor has more oil and is thus deeper penetrating than the waxier Leather Cream. 

For boots, we recommend our Leather Cream. If the boots are going to be exposed to rain or snow, we also recommend you use weather protectant in addition to conditioner. You shouldn’t need to use shoe polish except, perhaps, to clean up scratches and scuffs.

For bags and belts, the type of conditioner we recommend depends on the color of your product. The Leather Cream is best for any of our colored bags and for maintenance of any previously conditioned leather product. We recommend the Leather Liquor for the initial conditioning of natural and unfinished leather and for the conditioning of old, dry leather and vintage pieces. 

If you already have a conditioner at home, we recommend that you check the label to make sure it contains only all natural ingredients. Synthetics, such as mineral oil, can degrade vegetable-tanned leather over time.

How often should I condition my products?

Although vague, the appropriate answer to this question is “whenever it needs it.” This will depend on climate and usage. If it spots in the rain or if it looks or feels dry, it's time for some conditioning.

Is vegetable-tanned leather susceptible to weathering?

Yes, very much so. This is why we do not use vegetable-tanned leather on our boots. Conditioners and protectants can help, however. Any weather "staining" will blend into the bag over time.