Classic Satchel

Classic Satchel

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Named BEST BRIEFCASE OF 2016 by Best Leather!!!

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Last year we launched a series of bags. One bag in particular, the Classic Satchel, quickly became our favorite carry. We spent about six months reworking our design and improving it, refining it down to its basic elements of simplicity, utility and strength.


Every part of our satchel serves a purpose. Nothing in our designs are done for ornamentation sake. You won't find ornamental stitching, gaudy hardware or any such frivolity—we don't even put our logo on the outside of the bags.


The Classic Satchel was built to be a computer bag. In fact the bag is literally built around this purpose with a central compartment that cradles your notebook computer in the very core of the bag isolating it from impact from every direction including the bottom. It's a simple and elegant solution for protecting your computer. There might be a bag that offers better protection for your computer, but we haven't seen it.


We like strong, durable goods. Strength and longevity are the driving factors behind the construction decisions we make and the materials we choose. We built our Classic Satchel to last a lifetime—two if you want to count the cow's. No bag is indestructible and we don't want to give you the impression that ours is—what we will claim is that we are building a bag that is worth repairing.

LIFETIME GUARANTEE: If something breaks during your lifetime, send it back and we will fix it. If you manage to wear it out beyond repair in your lifetime, we will replace it. There are limits to our warranty—don't use it as a chew toy for your pet dingo, don't scuba dive with it or use it for target practice. In short be reasonable, and we will take care of you should something go wrong.

STRONG LEATHER: We don't cut corners on the leather. All our bags are made from thick 5-9oz. (2.2-3.5mm) full grain vegetable-tanned bridle leather. You could bury this leather in your back yard and it might still outlast you—no kidding.

Vegetable leather: We only use vegetable-tanned leather. There are two common ways leather is tanned: Vegetable, which uses vegetable-derived tannins from sources such as oak and mimosa bark and takes at least 40 days to process; and chrome/oil tanned which uses really nasty carcinogenic and earth-killing chemicals, but only takes 1 to 2 days to make. Over 90% of the leather produced in the world is chrome tanned. Chrome tanned leather is stretchier, weaker and a whole lot cheaper. That's why we don't use it.


We think we covered the basics for a computer bag pretty well, but did not want to limit you to what we thought was needed. With this thought in mind we have begun creating modular "add-on" accessories to add utility and to customize your daily carry to your personal needs. 


  • 13-15 inch bag measures 17.75"W x 13"H x 9"D.

  • 13 inch only bag is for laptops 13" or smaller and measures 15.75"W x 12"H x 9"D.

  • The 11-12 inch bag is for Macbook Airs, tablets, and smaller computers and measures 14.25"W x 11"H x 6"D.


We have four:

  • Natural bridle for hippies, hipsters and anyone else who wants a truly vintage look that sweetens over time. Will look like the Whiskey over time when conditioned.
  • Black bridle leather for bikers, pilots and ninjas
  • Brown bridle for CEOs, their lawyers and other suit-wearing types
  • "Whiskey" (the leather color, not the drink). "Whiskey" sits between our "natural" color when new and brown. It is about the color our natural will achieve after a year of regular use and conditioning.

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Classic Satchel
Classic Satchel
Classic Satchel
Classic Satchel
Classic Satchel
Classic Satchel